Making the Decision: Braun Series 5 vs 7

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When it comes to choosing between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7 electric shavers, the decision hinges on finding the perfect balance between performance, features, and budget. 

These two top contenders in the realm of electric grooming devices offer distinct advantages. The Series 5 excels in practicality and affordability, boasting features like EasyClean technology and comfortable shaving performance.

The Series 7 elevates the grooming experience with advanced functionalities like a 360-degree swivel head and beard-length auto-detection. 

In this comparison, we will look into the key differences between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7. It will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your grooming priorities and budget constraints. 

Let’s explore how these two remarkable shavers stack up against each other. Thus it can empower you to choose the perfect grooming companion. So, stay sharp. 

Braun Series 5 vs 7

About Braun Series 5

The Braun Series 5 electric shavers epitomize the essence of mid-range excellence. They bridge the gap between affordability and premium performance. 

Launched in 2020, this latest iteration comes with a slew of upgrades for delivering superior shaving experiences without breaking the bank.

Advanced Shaving Performance

The Series 5 harnesses the power of a foil shaving head equipped with three cutting elements. It ensures a comfortable and close shave akin to its pricier counterparts. 

This cutting-edge technology guarantees a smooth and precise grooming experience with each use.

Innovative EasyClean Technology

Innovative EasyClean Technology

Bid farewell to tedious cleaning routines with the Series 5’s EasyClean feature. This ingenious design lets users effortlessly rinse the shaver under running water. 

Thus it eliminates the need for a separate cleaning station. Its simplicity and convenience are redefined.

Enhanced Versatility with EasyClick System

The Series 5 introduces the EasyClick system. So, it enables seamless attachment of precision trimmer accessories. 

You can say goodbye to uneven edges as users effortlessly sculpt and style facial hair to perfection. Also, it replaces the traditional pop-up trimmer with finesse.

Wet & Dry Operation Flexibility

Welcoming diverse grooming preferences, the Series 5 offers the flexibility of wet and dry operation. 

Whether it’s a quick dry shave or a leisurely wet shave in the shower, you can customize your grooming experience according to your needs. So, it can really ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Cordless Convenience and Rechargeable Power

Unshackle yourself from cords and constraints with the Series 5’s cordless operation powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

You can enjoy freedom of movement and uninterrupted grooming sessions, whether at home or on the go, without compromising on performance.

Variations and Accessories for Personalization

It suits diverse needs and preferences. The Series 5 offers a range of model variations, including those with automatic cleaning stations (CC models) and those without (S models). 

Additionally, depending on the chosen model, you may benefit from accessories like precision trimmers and beard trimmer combs. It adds further customization to your grooming arsenal.

About Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7

The Braun Series 7 emerges as a beacon of excellence in the realm of electric shavers. It brings an array of advanced features that redefine grooming experiences. 

They are crafted with precision and ingenuity. The Series 7 stands as a testament to Braun’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Advanced Design and Features

At the heart of the Series 7 lies its cutting-edge design and features, including a 360-degree swivel head and beard-length auto-detection. 

This innovative technology enhances the shaver’s adaptability. Thus they ensure thorough and precise grooming with every stroke. 

The sleek ergonomic design, coupled with the 360 Flex Head, effortlessly contours to the face. Thus they provide unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Moreover, the option for wet/dry shaving adds a layer of convenience. So, they can meet individual preferences and routines.

Superior Build Quality

Despite its plastic construction, the Series 7 exudes a sense of durability and craftsmanship. Lightweight and effortlessly maneuvers across the contours of the face. So, they can deliver a seamless grooming experience. 

The inclusion of a rubberized grip ensures a secure hold, even in wet conditions. Additionally, the intuitive display offers necessary information on battery life, cleaning reminders, and travel lock status. So, they can further enhance user convenience and peace of mind.

Exceptional Shaving Performance

The Series 7 sets the bar high with its triple-cut system. Also, they feature two foils flanking a central trimmer to tackle longer hairs with precision. 

Whether it’s daily maintenance or tackling longer growth, the Series 7 delivers a close and comfortable shave. So, they can leave the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. 

Its prowess in handling shorter hairs with finesse. So, they are ideal for individuals seeking a consistently impeccable grooming experience.

Efficient Battery Life and Charging

Powered by a durable battery, the Series 7 ensures prolonged usage without compromising on performance. Charging is a breeze with the included power cable. So, they offer hassle-free replenishment of power whenever needed. #

Additionally, the shaver’s easy-to-clean design permits effortless maintenance by simply rinsing it under water. Thus it helps streamline the grooming routine and maximize convenience.

Braun Series 5 vs 7: Comparison At A Glance

Braun Series 5 vs 7: Comparison At A Glance

Choosing between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7 electric shavers can be a daunting task, given their respective strengths and features. To simplify the decision-making process, let’s compare these two top contenders side by side.

FeaturesBraun Series 5Braun Series 7
Shaving PerformanceComfortable and close shaves, triple-cut system with three cutting elementsClose and comfortable shaves, triple-cut system with two foils and a central trimmer
Design and FeaturesEasyClean technology, EasyClick trimmer system, wet & dry operation360-degree swivel head, beard length auto-detection, 360 Flex Head, wet & dry operation
Build QualityDurable plastic construction, lightweight and easy to maneuverGreat build quality, lightweight with rubberized grip
Battery LifeRechargeable lithium-ion battery, cordless operationPowerful battery, cordless operation, easy charging with included cable
CleaningEasyClean technology permits rinsing under waterEasy to clean by rinsing under water, no specific technology mentioned
DisplayBasic display for battery life and cleaning remindersIntuitive display for battery life, cleaning reminders, and travel lock status

This comparison offers a snapshot of the key differences between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7.

Braun Series 5 vs 7: How They Are Different?

Let’s go through the delightful world of electric shavers and explore how the Braun Series 5 and Series 7 stand apart from each other. Kindly check out the below section with care. 

Shaving Performance

The cornerstone of any good electric shaver is its ability to deliver a clean, comfortable shave without causing irritation or discomfort. In this regard, both the Series 5 and Series 7 shine, but they take slightly different approaches.

The Braun Series 5 uses a triple-cut system with three individual cutting elements, making quick work of even stubborn hairs. It’s like having a trio of skilled barbers working together to ensure every hair is neatly trimmed.

On the other hand, the Series 7 picks a dual-foil system flanking a central trimmer. While it may seem like one fewer cutting element, don’t be fooled. This configuration is expertly engineered to provide a close and precise shave, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Design and Features

When it comes to design and features, both shavers bring their own unique flair to the table. The Series 5 charms users with its EasyClean technology, and accepts effortless rinsing under water. 

It’s like having a magic wand that banishes pesky hair clippings with a simple wave. Meanwhile, the Series 7 wows with its 360-degree swivel head and beard-length auto-detection. 

The shaver adjusts its approach based on the length of your stubble. Thus it can ensure a grooming experience every time. It’s like having a personal grooming assistant that anticipates your every need.

Build Quality

Build Quality

While both shavers are crafted with precision and durability in mind, they differ slightly in their construction materials and feel. The Series 5 offers a sturdy plastic build that feels lightweight and easy to maneuver, perfect for those who value practicality and ease of use.

On the other hand, the Series 7 exudes an air of sophistication with its great build quality and rubberized grip. It’s like holding a finely crafted instrument in your hand. Thus they elevate the grooming experience to new heights of luxury and comfort.

Battery Life and Charging

The eternal dance between battery life and charging convenience. Here, both the Series 5 and Series 7 put their best foot forward, ensuring you never run out of power mid-shave.

The Series 5 relies on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for cordless operation, offering freedom of movement and flexibility. Charging is a breeze with the included cable. It ensures you’re always ready to tackle your grooming routine with gusto.

Similarly, the Series 7 boasts a powerful battery that delivers a clean and comfortable shave with each use. Charging is as simple as plugging in the included cable. So, it lets you focus on looking your best without worrying.


Nobody enjoys the tedious task of cleaning their electric shaver, but fear not both the Series 5 and Series 7 make this chore a breeze.

Thanks to its EasyClean technology, the Series 5 can be rinsed underwater for quick and hassle-free cleaning. It’s like giving your shaver a refreshing shower after a hard day’s work, keeping it clean and ready for action.

Similarly, the Series 7 is easy to clean by simply rinsing it under water. Thus it ensures optimal hygiene and performance. While it may not bring a fancy cleaning technology like the Series 5, its straightforward approach gets the job done with minimal fuss.


Last but not least, let’s talk about displays. While not the most glamorous feature of an electric shaver, a good display can provide valuable information and enhance the overall user experience.

The Series 5 keeps things simple with a basic display that shows battery life and cleaning reminders. It’s like having a trusty dashboard in your car, giving you essential information at a glance without overwhelming you with unnecessary details.

Meanwhile, the Series 7 takes things up a notch with an intuitive display that provides information on battery life, cleaning reminders, and travel lock status. It’s like having a high-tech control panel at your fingertips. Thus it empowers you to take charge of your grooming routine with confidence.

While the Braun Series 5 and Series 7 may share some similarities, they each bring their own unique strengths and features to the table.

Should I Buy Braun Series 5 Or 7?

If you are torn between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7, consider your priorities. You should pick the Series 5 if you value practicality and affordability without sacrificing performance. Its EasyClean technology and comfortable shaving experience make it a solid choice for everyday grooming needs. 

However, if you crave luxury and advanced features, the Series 7 might be the better fit. With its 360-degree swivel head, beard length auto-detection, and sleek design, it offers a premium grooming experience that’s hard to beat. 

Your decision should be based on your budget and grooming preferences. If you prioritize convenience and value, go for the Series 5. If you’re willing to invest in top-tier performance and cutting-edge features, the Series 7 is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

The choice between the Braun Series 5 and Series 7 ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and priorities in grooming. While both electric shavers offer commendable performance and innovative features, they suit different needs and budgets. 

The Series 5 excels in practicality and affordability, providing a comfortable shaving experience with convenient features like EasyClean technology. 

On the other hand, the Series 7 elevates the grooming experience with advanced functionalities like a 360-degree swivel head and beard length auto-detection. These are appealing to those seeking luxury and cutting-edge technology. 

Whether you choose the Series 5 or Series 7, rest assured that both models embody Braun’s commitment to quality and excellence in electric shaving. Also, they can ensure a smooth and satisfying grooming routine for your preferences. Best of luck. 

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