The ultimate guide to
the perfect wet shave

Become a lathering lothario. Shave like Don Draper on a
date night. Come on... your face deserves it.

what you’ll neeed

Soap + lotions

Brush + Safety Razor


  • 1. Grow the appropriate amount of scruff

    With wet shaving, you don’t need a lot of hair to get a great shave. Because wet shaving can give you a close shave, even a minimal amount of stubble will be enough for a great shaving experience.

  • 2. Dampen your skin to open your pores

    A large part of wet shaving is (obviously) the water. From taking a warm shower before your shave to using a towel to keep your skin wet during your shave makes water a key ingredient in a great experience.

    Never try to shave your face dry or without the appropriate amount of water.

  • 3. Lather

    First, soak your brush to hydrate it. Then shake out most of the water and load your brush with shaving soap by working it in.

    Once you have a nice lather, brush it onto your face. Don’t paint your face with the soap, brush the lather into your face to both get your face ready for your razor and to lift your facial hair away from your skin.

  • 4. Map the Grain of your beard

    Before you shave a stroke, run your fingers across your beard. The direction that provides the most resistance is against the grain. You should shave in the opposite direction. You can do this before you lather or while you are shaving.

    Going with the grain vs. against the grain is the difference between a smooth shave and a painful shave. Even your razor will sound different if you are going against the grain.

  • 5. Shave

    Going with the grain, carefully start shaving with slow steady passes. If you miss a spot, or want a closer shave, lather again, rinse your razor thoroughly and then make another pass on the spot.

  • 6. Rinse your face with cool water

    Once you have removed all of your hairs rinse your face with cool water to remove excess cream and to close your pores. To dry your skin, pat (don’t wipe) your face gingerly.

  • 7. Apply aftershave

    Once your face is dry, apply an aftershave and enjoy your smooth wet shaved skin.

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