Remove The Beard Wave

Have you ever got all dressed up in your finest attire, even lint rolled your trousers and plucked the stray eyebrows, you’re looking in your full length mirror, checking out every inch of your wonderful self, and then you realise: your beard is completely untamed.

Remove The Beard Wave

Now, beard waves may seem like a small problem, but you shouldn’t be fooled. It is a very difficult problem to solve and can really get you down when you want to look your best. Read on to find out how to solve the beard wave! 

Ways To Straighten Your Beard

There are a few ways to solve the problem of the wavy beard. Read on to find out these ways and decide which one works best for you: 

Blow Dry Your Beard

The best way to remove the waves is to use a hair dryer after your shower. All you will need to do this is a hair dryer and a beard comb to ensure that you are able to get all the waves out of your beard. Follow these steps to achieve a straight beard using a hair dryer:

  1. Wash your beard. First off, get in the shower and wash that beard! A good conditioner will really help when it comes to softening the hair to make it easier to style. 
  2. Dry your beard. When you get out of the shower, dry your beard with a towel before taking a brush and brushing through your beard. 
  3. Next, take a beard comb and blow dry the beard. The best setting to use here is a medium heat setting. Slowly dry the hair while keeping it in place with the comb. 

Use A Straightening Iron 

Another way that you can achieve the straight beard look is through using a straightener. To achieve this follow these steps:

  1. Wash your beard. 
  2. Comb your beard using a beard comb. 
  3. Dry your beard.
  4. Turn on your straighteners and set them to quite a low temperature so as not to cause damage to your beard. (A comb or brush straightener is recommended because it will give you more control when styling your beard)
  5. Start the straightening process. Usually, it is best to start from the outer edges of the beard and work in. Always only take 1-inch sections at a time and don’t hold the straighteners there for too long or you’ll end up scorching your beard! 
  6. Lastly, apply a beard oil to your beard to finish. This will add some shine to your beard. 

Helpful tips: 

  • Never straighten your beard when it is wet.
  • You could use a heat protection spray if you are concerned about the heat of the straighteners causing damage to your beard. 
  • Make sure you’re not using a high setting on the straighteners. Take your time and keep them relatively cool. 

How To Keep Your Beard Straight 

How To Keep Your Beard Straight 

If you have done either of the strategies above you are probably now delighted by the straight beard you have. I’m sure you’re desperate to make sure that you keep it that way for as long as possible. 

In order to keep the beard straighter for longer, make sure to apply beard balm to your beard as soon as you are finished. This will hold the beard in place in the same way that hair gel or hair spray can.

It is also great for your beard in many other ways. All you need to do is apply some balm to your beard, and your hair will stay in place all day!

If you want a stronger hold, you can always apply beard wax instead of beard balm. This is made out of beeswax and will hold your hair in place all day – if not longer!

Blow drying your hair straight will usually be enough to hold it in place all day, however, if you have exceptionally stubborn curls, this is a great tip.

Ways To Tame A Curly Beard 

While the methods above are foolproof solutions to your curly beard problems, you may not want to apply heat to your beard or you may not have the necessary products to complete these looks. If this is the case there are a few things you can do to achieve the look you’re after. 

  1. Don’t leave your beard to dry naturally before you brush it. Always comb your beard when it is wet with a beard comb. This can work in the same way as a straightener, helping to keep the hair in line. When you wash your beard, make sure you only use gentle products. 
  2. Ensure you’re not sleeping on your beard, making it curl at the bottom due to being crushed or leant on when you sleep. Trying to sleep on your back might help, but, understandably many find this hard to achieve and end up tossing and turning in the night anyway! Combing the beard before bed can help this problem. If you wake up in the morning and the dreaded wave is back, wet the affected hair and comb it straight. This will help to train the hair to behave that way. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of some product! Facial hair products are a fantastic way to train and control your beard. Make sure you’re using beard oil. This will make the hair softer and more manageable, as well as helping to keep it straight all of the time. Beard oil or beard balm is essential in keeping your beard hair healthy anyway – so you should be using it without the problem of the beard waves.
  4. When you wash your beard, use beard specific shampoos and conditioner, rather than just using the one you use on your hair. These shampoos have chemicals in them that will cause damage to your beard as the hair is not quite as resilient as the hairs on your head. This can dry out your beard, making it harder to manage and adding to the curls! Also make sure you are not overwashing your beard. They don’t need to be washed more than once a week! Conditioners, however, can be used more often to help to soften the beard and add shine. These can be used up to once a day.
  5. Sometimes, the beard is at a length where waviness comes out more. If you cut your hair slightly shorter, sometimes this is enough to eliminate the wave. 
  6. However, it is not always just cutting your beard hair short that will help this. IN some cases, if you grow your beard longer, the weight of the hair will help to pull the hair down, making it straighter. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re feeling frustrated by your wavy beard, you should now have some fantastic tips and tricks to get your beard just the way you want it. If you really dislike the way your beard naturally dries, try some of these tips and tricks! 

Remember, though, some waviness in your beard may be just the thing that gives it some character, so don’t be too quick to straighten the beard out without considering keeping it natural.

You will save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you don’t have to style your beard everyday. 

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