How To Taper A Beard

Being aware of how to taper and fade a beard is essential for any man with a beard. Especially if that man has a skin fade or shaved head.

How To Taper A Beard

The main aim is to create an effortless flow from hair to beard, incorporating the side burns and inherently avoiding any large gap in between the two.

There are numerous styles of tapered beards so will be able to tailor your beard to suit your individual requirements by following the steps that I have outlined below.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Tapering Your Beard

Before you figure out how to fade your beard correctly, you should ensure that you have washed and brushed it through.

Once you have done this, follow these steps:

Choose A Good Length

Firstly, you should ensure that you cut your beard to your desired length.

Set your timing tools to the appropriate setting (usually the longest) and begin to trim your beard.

It is usually preferable to trim it ‘against the grain’ in order to get rid of any excessive bulk.

The more length that there is on your beard, the more your fade will be noticeable.

Thus, if you are seeking a subtle change, then use a shorter setting instead to achieve your desired length.

Sharpen Your Neckline

After you have trimmed your beard to the desired length, brush it downwards in order to remove any stray hairs.

Then, place your index finger horizontally above your voice box and trim a strip of the beard below this line, continue to work under your jawline and until you have reached your desired neckline.

Clean Shave

Follow up with a clean shave just below your new neckline, being sure that you do not cut into the new line that you have just formed.

Cut Your Cheek Line

Trimming your cheek line will give you a cleaner faded style. You should aim to create as crisp a cheek line as possible.

To do this, create a straight line from the bottom of the sideburns across to your moustache.

Repeat this process on the other cheek and clean up any stray hairs on the upper cheek, ensuring that you do not cut into the clean line that you have just formed.

If you would rather not touch your cheeks, then leave your cheek line as it stands and merely clean up any stray hairs on the upper cheeks.

Tide Your Moustache

Brush your moustache hair downwards and use the edge of the blade in order to follow the line of your top lip.

This way, you can trim any moustache hair that may be growing over your lip.

For a sleek and slender look, trim the top line of your moustache also.

How To Fade A Beard

Now that you have trimmed your beard, it is time to fade it. To do this, you should follow these steps:

  1. Trim your beard an inch above your jawline using a blade that has been set a setting shorter than the original setting for the rest of the beard.
  2. Shorten your blade once more and trim another inch outwards towards the sideburns.
  3. Repeat this process in inch-by-inch increments, until your sideburns have effortlessly blended with the side of your cut.

Why Should I Taper My Beard?

Why Should I Taper My Beard?

Tapered beards are increasingly popular. This is because the current era showcases facial hair more than ever before.

Previously, people were frowned upon if they weren’t clean shaven but in modern times, everyone from social media influencers to lab technicians are tapering their beards.

This is because it is stylish and presents a neat and tailored appearance.

Maintaining a tapered beard is easier than people would imagine and thus, as long as you are treating your beard correctly by using beard oil, you will glow with a tapered beard.

If you are still unsure how to taper your beard correctly, then you should visit your local barber who will be able to do this for you.

However, learning this process will inherently provide you with more self-confidence and you will also be able to taper your beard to the exact length that you desire.

Purchasing the best trimming equipment is one way to ensure that you are able to taper your beard with the utmost accuracy as you will easily be able to adjust the blade settings on an inch-by-inch basis, which is essential for the fading process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Taper My Beard?

If you want to form a sleek and slender look to your beard, then you should definitely consider tapering it.

Learning this skill will also enable you to taper the beards of your friends and family.

Which Celebrities Taper Their Beard?

Celebrities such as Conor Mcgregor and Zayn Malik have both been known to opt for the tapered beard effect!

This is because it enhances their natural jawlines and makes them more prominent.

Is It Better To Visit A Barber Than To Taper My Own Beard?

If you want to visit your barber in order to taper and fade your beard, this is completely understandable.

Many men feel more comfortable having someone else taper their beard, especially an expert, as it can be difficult to maintain a steady hand when cutting your own beard.

However, learning how to taper your beard is a skill that will stand you in good stead as you will be able to trim your beard to your desired length at any given opportunity without having someone else guesstimate your desired look.

Can My Partner Fade My Beard?

When it comes to fading your beard, it may be easier for yourself or a professional to do so.

However, there is no reason why your partner cannot attempt to fade your beard for you.

Just ensure that they are changing the blade length on an inch-by-inch basis and moving towards the sideburns when doing so.

This way you can ensure that your beard is being faded with the utmost accuracy.

What If I Cut Into A New Line?

If you make an error during the tapering or fading process, do not panic.

It may take several attempts to taper your beard before you achieve perfection and you can always ask an expert to rectify any mistakes that may occur!

Ultimately, if you need to shave your beard off entirely and start the process from scratch, you can.

Whilst this may be an annoyance, it is not the end of the world.


To conclude, you can taper your beard by following the guidelines that have been outlined above.

You should always ensure that you are trimming your beard at the length that meets your requirements and then begin to shorten the blade-length once you are undertaking the fading process.

You should aim to maintain clean cut, straight or rounded lines during the tapering process and try not to rush the process.

It is also important that you clean up any stray hairs on your upper cheeks or on your neckline as this can make a vast amount of difference to your overall appearance.

Above all, enjoy the process of tapering and fading your beard and you will achieve the highest quality results.

A man with a tapered beard gives off a level of self-confidence that is both attractive and intriguing.

Tapered beards are undoubtedly popular because they present a sleek and stylish look so once you have mastered the art of tapering your beard, you will not regret it!

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