How To Grow, Style & Trim An Extended Goatee?

The vast majority of men’s hair stylists will focus their attention on shaving the sideburns.

How To Grow, Style & Trim An Extended Goatee?

However, celebrity trends can often dictate beard styles and thus, you may wish to switch up your overall look by highlighting new features on your face.

The goatee is one such feature that is incredibly easy to achieve if you follow the guidelines that I have outlined below. 

Extended Goatee Vs Traditional Hollywood Beard

These two styles follow a similar facial outline. This is because, with both, the moustache will connect to the goatee and then hair will grow along the jawline without any sideburns.

However, a Hollywood beard is more like a traditional beard as it is far thicker across the jawline and chin. Whereas, a goatee beard merely outlines the jawline and the cut on the chin is far tighter. 

The extended goatee consists of hair being grown across the chin, jaw and upper lip. This hair is cleanly shaven approximately halfway along the jaw.

This form of goatee is also distinctly separated from any sideburns with minimal sideburn hair remaining.

Technically speaking, this specific style can have a slight curve along the chin running down to the jaw, but this is more preferable for those who desire neat lines.

The vast majority of people with a goatee will grow it out with light stubble along the edge of the jawline, or they will fade these edges. 

A Style Guide 

There are numerous ways to wear this style of beard with distinctive designs edged into the hair along the jawline.

As a goatee is usually considered to be a partial beard without sideburns, you may wish to grow an extended goatee over a longer period of time in order to achieve your desired length.

Whilst this look requires consistently thick, facial hair, you can also style a more patchy beard by ensuring that you keep it shorter and fade it into your jawline and any sideburns you may have. 

How To Style An Extended Goatee?

Grow Out Your Jawline Beard As Well As Your Goatee

Doing this requires you to have thick, facial hair with hair that has grown underneath the chin and alongside the jawline (approximately halfway).

You’ll also need to retain some thick hair growth to ensure that you can shape any hair on your jawline. You should also bear in mind that it can take up to 2 weeks to grow your hair to an appropriate length for styling.

However, if your beard hair is already thick, then you can start this process straight away. 

Shape The Outline 

Shaping the curved outline using an electric or safety razor will create a starting outline for the extended goatee. Then, you’ll need to clean shave around the outside of the beard in order to create the desired shape.

The aim of doing this is to ensure that hair remains thicker around the bottom of your chin and is allowed to grow outwards towards the jaw. 

You should also ensure that your neckline is staring approximately an inch above your Adam’s apple. This will enable you to maintain the right look.

Shaving this area can also be particularly tricky and thus, you should operate slowly in order to make sure that you are not shaving too much hair away from your jaw.

Not only can incorrect shaving alter your face shape, it may also look incredibly awkward if your hair is incorrectly lined up. 

Trim Your Goatee Hair

Trim Your Goatee Hair

If you are happy with the length of your extended goatee, then you can ignore this step.

However, if you wish to alter your extended goatee to a specified length, then you should use blade guards or a comb in order to correct your beard appropriately.

If you are using number two or three guards, then your beard may be shorter. However, if you wish to keep an extended length, you may opt for using a longer guard like a number four or five.

Using barber shears will also ensure that you can clean up your beard length accurately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Grow An Extended Goatee?

Whether or not you wish to grow an extended goatee is entirely up to you. However, this beard-style can look great on many men, especially those who operate with a more alternative aesthetic in their day-to-day lives.

These beards may not be the most traditional, but when maintained correctly using beard-oils, they can look incredible!

Should I Ask My Barber To Trim My Goatee?

You can definitely ask your barber to trim your goatee.

However, you should bear in mind that if you want to maintain your desired length, then trimming your own beard is the best way to ensure that you are maintaining the utmost accuracy during the tapering process. 

Should I Opt For A Goatee Or An Extended Goatee?

The length of your goatee is entirely up to you. However, an extended goatee may make your jawline more or less prominent, depending on your individual facial features.

You should consult with your loved ones and seek their opinion prior to determining which style of goatee is the best for you.


To conclude, following the guidelines that I have outlined above is the best way to ensure that you are sculpting your extending goatee to perfection.

This is because you will need to make sure that you are cutting lines carefully and accurately, with an awareness of which hair to leave and which hair to cut entirely.

If you are unsure as to whether you are able to sculpt your own extended goatee with the utmost accuracy, then you should consult with a barber or listened professional who will be able to assist you in this process.

However, you should bear in mind that your beard will need to be thick enough to sculpt and as such, you should maintain patience during the growing process and operate slowly during the trimming process.

This is the best way to ensure that your final, overall look is both sculpted and sleek. 

It is also perfectly possible to grow an extended goatee when you have a patchy beard, however, you should research thoroughly into the process of tailoring patchy beards and know which areas you should trim and which areas you should avoid touching.

I hope that you have found this article to be useful and informative. 

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