How To Curl Your Mustache?

Have you grown out your mustache and are looking to add a fun and fancy style to it then you may want to consider curling it.

How To Curl Your Mustache?

Oftentimes you’ll find that curled mustaches are called handlebar mustaches, however the two are quite different.

To style the best curled mustache all it takes is a little patience and dedication.

Today, I will outline everything you need to know in order to be able to curl your mustache.

Curling Your Mustache

In order to learn how to curl your mustache there are various methods to approach it.

First of all, you will need to grow your mustache to the desired length in order to get a decent sized curl.

Once you have grown your mustache, there are two approaches that you can choose from.

The first approach is to groom your mustache using wax, the other method is to curl it using a curling iron.

Let’s take a look at how to do these methods in more detail.

Using Wax To Curl Your Mustache

Most people tend to use wax most commonly when it comes to curling their mustache.

Once you have grown your mustache to your desired length, you can use a mustache comb that will help to train your hair to grow in the direction you would like it to.

It is best to use a comb that has rounded and smooth prongs. This will help to prevent the hair from snagging.

The direction you will need to train it to go in is outwards to either side of the face rather than letting it grow downwards over your lips.

Training your mustache is simply a matter of making sure you comb it every single day.

The longer your mustache gets, the bigger the curl will be.

Next, you will need to find the best wax that you can find in order to help you achieve a tight handlebar curl.

Like any other hair product there’s a myriad to choose from so make sure to do some research before you find the right one.

You want to make sure you warm up the wax before you apply it to your mustache.

You can do this by taking a small amount of wax into your hands and rubbing it between your fingers.

Start with a small amount of wax and only apply more if you need it.

It’s better to apply it in small amounts as adding too much to start with can make your mustache appear greasy.

Once you have taken a small amount of wax and warmed it between your fingers, you can then curl the ends of your mustache using your fingers.

Working your way from the middle to the outside of your mustache, curl it up and hold it in position for a few seconds.

Wax is great for keeping the curl intact as well as stopping any unruly hairs from rearing their heads.

Overall, this method is great for giving you a proper mustache curl whilst keeping it neat and tidy.

Using A Curling Iron To Curl Your Mustache

Using A Curling Iron To Curl Your Mustache

Another approach to curling your mustache is to use a curling iron.

Before you jump right into curling, you will need to ensure that your mustache hair is as clean as it can be by shampooing it first.

Wax must only be applied to the hair after you have used the curling iron and not before to avoid burning the mustache hair.

You don’t necessarily need to finish off the curl with wax if you’re confident enough that the curl alone will look as you want it to.

Sometimes wax can offset the curl you’ve just created with the curling iron.

However, it’s worth mentioning that using wax will help to keep any flyaways in place.

Start with the curling iron at a low temperature and only turn the heat up if your hair isn’t curling as it should be.

You will probably need to use a higher temperature if your hair is thicker, however, if you have thinner hair then definitely start at a lower temperature.

Most decent curling irons take less than a minute to get to the desired temperature, but if you are using a cheaper curling iron, it may take up to a few minutes.

Using a curling iron that is too hot can damage your facial hair by burning it.

You can test out the heat of the curling iron by placing a piece of paper on the curling iron bar whilst it’s hot.

If the paper turns brown then it is too hot and you will need to lower the temperature.

Next, you will need to make sure your curling iron has the correct bore size.

The bore should be set at around ¼ inch if you’re hoping for tighter curls.

However, if you’re looking for larger and looser curls then your bore size can be up to 1 inch wide.

You won’t find a universally perfect curling iron specifically for curling mustaches, but you can find a curling iron that is the thickness of the curl you’re looking for and use that.

Using a smaller bore is better than a larger one as the larger ones can make your mustache curl look too big.

How To Use A Curling Iron

You will need to make sure you have a mirror in front of you so you can see what you’re doing.

In front of the mirror use the curling iron and pull the hair gently outwards. Try your best to be as gentle as you can to avoid burning yourself.

If need be, place something on your cheek to stop the curling iron from accidentally touching your cheek.

Next, rotate the iron upwards. If your mustache hair is very long then you may be able to turn the curling iron twice towards the ceiling.

This will make your curl look much more pronounced.

Once you have curled both sides of your mustache successfully you can use wax if you would like to.

This will help hold the curl in place for longer, however, if you’re worried about wax ruining the look then you don’t need to apply it.

Maintaining The Curl

Curling your mustache can greatly improve your style and appearance. It’s incredibly fancy and fun if you can pull it off.

But, you will need to make sure to maintain this style or it may start to look sloppy and messy.

In order to maintain the style of your mustache you will need to be very committed to it.

Ensure that you wash your facial hair daily, comb it everyday and use wax or another curling method in order to achieve that signature curl.

Beard oil is also another great product to use, it will keep the hair moisturized as well as the skin underneath it.


Hopefully this article has helped you understand the methods in which you can achieve that fancy curled mustache look.

Using these methods and maintaining them will ensure that you stand out from the crowd as someone who is sophisticated and fashionable.

Remember, keep maintaining the look and you will be the center of attention at every event.

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