How To Choose The Best Beard Length [Chart]

There are so many different lengths to try out when it comes to growing your facial hair.

It can be very tough to know how long you want to grow yours, and which lengths are going to suit you the best.

How To Choose The Best Beard Length [Chart]

In this article we are going to talk you through some of the most popular styles of beard from light stubble to a full beard, so you are sure to find a length and style that you want to try out.

It doesn’t matter what face shape you have, there are ways to trim and groom your beard and facial hair to suit you personally.

So, let’s get into it!

Beard Length Chart

Beard LengthBeard NameTime To Grow
0.5 to 1 mmLight Stubble Beard1 Day
1mm to 3mmMedium Stubble Beard3-5 Days
3mm to 5mmHeavy Stubble BeardAbout 10 Days
7mm7mm Beard2 Weeks
10mmCorporate BeardAbout a Month
12mm12mm Beard4 Weeks
15mm to 25mmMedium Beard2 Months
16mm16mm Beard6 Weeks
20mm20mm Beard7 Weeks
2 Inches2-Inch Beard4 Months
3 InchesLong Beard6 Months


This is a very popular look for this with facial hair. It can make a person look smart and sophisticated and a little more ‘grown-up’.

It is also a very easy style to achieve. The stubble beard’s only downside is that you do need to give it regular trims to keep it looking tidy and presentable.

There are three main types of stubble lengths, each of them listed below.

Light Stubble (5 O’clock Shadow)

The first style of stubble beard is light stubble. This beard is also known as the 5 O’clock shadow.

This is the shortest out of all the stubble beard styles and is when the facial hair is trimmed to 0.5mm to 1mm in length.

In order to achieve the light stubble look, you need only to grow your facial hair for a day or two.

To keep it this length, you will need to give it a trim about this often as well.

Medium Stubble

Much like the name suggests, the medium stubble is facial stubble in between the lengths of the light and heavy stubble.

For this style, the hair should be 1 to 3mm in length. This look will give you a slightly scruffier and more masculine look than the light stubble.

To achieve this style of beard you will need to grow your facial hair for around 3 to 5 days, and then regular trims after that.

Heavy Stubble

The last type of stubble beard is the heavy stubble style. This is when the facial hair is about 3 to 5 mm in length.

This is the longest look of the stubble styles and is a great way to test out whether you want to try a beard or not.

The heavy stubble will give you a rough look, but can still be kept tidy and neat with regular trimming.

To achieve a heavy stubble beard you will need to grow your facial hair for roughly 10 days.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Stubble Beard?

The different styles of stubble beards have different lengths for growing time. We mentioned these times above but to recap:

  • Short Stubble: A day or two.
  • Medium Stubble: Three to five days.
  • Heavy Stubble: About ten days.

How Can You Grow A Stubble Beard?

Stubble beards are very easy to grow.

In fact, all you need to do is leave your facial hair to grow out for a few days, depending on how long you want your stubble to be.

When it reaches your desired length you should give it regular trims to keep it looking tidy and the correct length.

If your stubble feels itchy or uncomfortable try using beard oil or balm to help soothe it and prevent dry skin.

How Should You Trim And Maintain A Stubble Beard

Just like growing out your stubble, trimming and maintaining your stubble beard is also very easy to do.

You will need a beard trimmer and set it to the desired length in mm. Then simply start trimming away!

The trickiest part of grooming your stubble beard will be shaping it. Luckily for you, we have some tips that may help with this:

The Neckline

Locate your Adam’s Apple and count two finger spaces from the top of it.

This is where your neckline is located and it is the best place to shape the bottom of your facial hair.

You can also adjust this depending on your personal preferences, of course.

Cheek Lines

The cheek line is easy to find by locating the spot where your mustache and your beard connect.

From this point draw an imaginary line up to your sideburns.

That line is your cheek line and any hairs above it should be trimmed or shaved for a clean look.

Best Face Shape For The Stubble Beard

Because of the range of lengths and styles for a stubble beard, the style actually suits almost all faces!

It looks great on most people and helps to create a more mature and more aged look.

The two best face shapes for stubble beards are oval and square-shaped faces.

This is because the stubble beard will help to highlight the symmetrical features of faces of these shapes.

As we said though, stubble looks good on everyone!

Short Beard (Corporate Beard)

The short is longer than stubble and is generally around 10mm in length.

This is one of the easiest beards to maintain and style and plus it looks great on everyone!

If you want to grow your own short beard, it will take you about a month. Of course, this depends on the speed that your facial hair grows.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Short Beard?

As we mentioned, it really all depends on how long your facial hair grows for you specifically.

On average though, it will take most people about a month to grow half an inch of facial hair.

This is about the length that a short beard would be.

How Do You Grow A Short Beard?

Growing a short beard is easy! All you need to do is stop shaving and let your facial hair grow as it pleases for a while.

It will take about a month for it to grow to the desired length.

Once it is at this stage it is time to introduce regular trims and maintenance in order to keep it as a short beard, and to make it look neat and tidy and flattering for your face.

The difference between a short beard and corporate beard is mainly the length of time it takes to grow, and also the fact that you will need to start applying beard oil or balm at some point with a short beard.

After you have grown your facial hair for two weeks you should begin a routine using beard products, to try and avoid or at least manage the awkward beard stage.

This is the stage where the facial hair is too long to be stubble but not yet long enough to be a beard and so sits strangely on the face, and also causes itchiness and discomfort.

Applying beard oil or balm will help to soothe your skin and also help to prevent it from becoming dry and flaky.

How Should You Trim, Maintain And Groom A Short Beard?

How Should You Trim, Maintain And Groom A Short Beard?

All you will need to trim and maintain your short beard is a trusty beard trimmer!

It is super easy to keep a short beard, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Simply use your trimmer with a 10mm guard on and trim away, to keep your beard at the correct length.

To maintain your short beard, you should trim it every week or so – depending on how quickly your facial hair grows.

This will ensure that it looks neat and tidy. You should also apply beard oil or balm daily after you shower.

This will keep both your beard and your skin healthy!

Best Face Shape For A Short Beard

Short beards, like with other short styles, look good on every face shape.

So, if you are thinking of trying this style out then go for it! If you don’t end up liking it all you need to do is shave it off anyway!

The oval and square face shapes are especially complementary for this beard style, again because of the symmetry in the facial features.

Additionally, the short beard looks fantastic on oblong face shapes.

This is because it gives your face more width, meaning it will balance out the shape of the face overall.

Round faces tend not to pull off the short beard. This is simply because the beard accentuates the roundness of the face, and exaggerates it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it won’t look good and you should always be open to trying new styles and seeing what you prefer personally!

Medium Length Beard

If you do not want to commit to a full-length beard, then the medium-length beard is the perfect style for you.

The beard is somewhere between the short and long beard and is great if you want a little more than a short beard, but not enough for a full beard.

This style of beard will usually be around 15mm to 25mm and will take most people roughly 2 months to achieve.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Medium-Length Beard?

Everybody has different hair growth rates, so it will change from person to person.

On average, achieving a medium-length beard will take between two and three months.

How Do You Grow A Medium-Length Beard?

Growing a medium beard requires patience, as it is going to take you much longer to grow than any beard we have mentioned so far.

You are going to need to wait at least two months before your facial hair is close to the correct length.

If you want to try out this style for yourself, you should bear in mind that it is going to take time to see results and that you are going to need the patience to grow it successfully.

As your beard is growing you should remember to use beard oil or balm in order to keep the facial hair healthy and smooth, as well as to keep the skin healthy and prevent it from going dry.

This will also help to prevent any itching or discomfort.

How Should You Trim, Maintain And Groom A Medium-Length Beard?

Maintaining and grooming a medium-length beard is a lot more difficult than the previous beards we have covered.

This is because you will need to spend more time grooming it and you will also require more tools to do so.

Firstly you will need a long beard trimmer that has adjustable lengths so that you can keep your beard at the correct length.

Then, you will also need to apply beard oil or balm to it daily.

In addition to this, you will need to brush through your beard at least twice a day for it to stay looking good.

You should invest in a beard brush to use to style your medium-length beard.

This will help you to shape the beard to your specific face shape and also help the hairs to be straight and distribute evenly over your face.

It is also recommended that you be using a beard shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard.

Regular hair shampoo will dry out your beard and the skin beneath, so you should invest in products specifically for beards.

Washing your beard excessively will also dry out your beard, so try only to wash it two or three times a week.

Best Face Shape For A Medium-Length Beard

The great thing about medium-length beards is that you can trim them to suit practically any face shape!

If you have a rounded face you could trim your beard to be shorter on the sides and longer on the chin to help to add length to your face and reduce the roundness.

This is going to give you many more angular features. For diamond and heart-shaped faces, you should keep the bottom of the chin rounded.

This will again help to balance out the shape and add volume to your chin that you may be lacking.

If you have a long face then the most flattering way to trim your medium-length beard is to keep it longer on the sides and shorter on your chin.

This will reduce the length of the face by adding extra width.

Long Beard

One of the most popular styles of beard is the long beard. This beard is popular amongst many celebrities and is very trendy at the moment.

This beard style can have you looking like a wizard or a Viking and is a very fun style to try out.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Long Beard?

A long beard is probably the hardest out of all the beards we’ve mentioned to grow. This is because it will take the longest.

If you want an especially long beard, it can even take as long as 6 months to grow to your desired length.

To grow a long beard you need to have lots of patience and trust the process.

Growing your beard is a lengthy process but the results are absolutely worth it!

How Do You Grow A Long Beard?

How Do You Grow A Long Beard?

Growing a long beard will take you at least 4 months.

Within these months your facial hair will go through a lot of awkward phases that may make you want to give up.

It is important to know what to expect as you grow your beard so you know how to cope with the changes and when the hair is at its most awkward phases.

You will enter an itchy and uncomfortable phase relatively soon.

When this happens you should start using beard oil or balm to soothe the skin and to keep the hair healthy.

The phase after this is the growth phase and this is when your beard will really begin to lengthen.

During this time you will need to take extra care to ensure you are applying beard oil and brushing your beard so that it will grow straight and in the correct direction.

This will help it to look neat when it is fully grown, and will also make it much easier to maintain and style.

The last phase to growing a long beard is the maintenance phase.

This is when you maintain and groom your beard, trimming it every so often in order to keep it in shape and looking good.

You still need to use beard oil or balm amongst other products in order to style the hair.

The main thing to bear in mind when growing a long beard is that it is going to take a long time, and you are going to need to have a lot of patience with it before it looks good.

For people who are unable to grow thick facial hair, the long beard style may not be the best idea for you.

Beards look healthiest when they are thick and full.

Growing a long beard when you struggle to grow facial hair, or have patchy hair will be much more difficult.

There are however many products on the market that can help you with the growing process.

How Should You Trim, Maintain And Groom A Long Beard?

To maintain a long beard you will need a long beard trimmer and scissors.

The trimmer can be used to trim the details and the scissors can be used to shape the beard to suit your face shape and to remove any stray hairs.

Using a beard comb will help you to keep your beard looking neat and tidy and is essential to help detangle and tame it.

You will need to wash your beard at least every other day to remove any dirt.

This will keep the skin beneath your beard healthy and prevent it from drying out and flaking.

If you have very curly hair then you could look at purchasing a beard straightener.

This will help you to tame your beard and will make it much easier to maintain, style and groom.

Best Face Shape For Long Beard

The long beard suits most face shapes, depending on how it has been shaped.

There are many ways to cut, trim and shape your long beard so that it suits you and the shape of your face.

Follow the tips we mentioned in the medium-length beard section to know how you should trim your beard in order to have it compliment your face and suit you perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Length Should My Beard Be?

There is not a specific length that any and all beards should be.

Instead you should just have it to a length that is comfortable for you, and that suits your face the best.

Should The Mustache Be Shorter Than The Beard?

There are no rules when it comes to facial hair. You can do whatever you like and whatever style personally suits you best!

If you want a mustache that is longer than your beard then you should go for it!

How Long Is Too Long For A Beard?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the length of beards.

You should grow and maintain your beard to whatever length you desire and are most comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion there are many different ways for you to grow and style your facial hair.

From short stubble to full beards (and everything in between) there is sure to be a beard style out there that you like the most.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths, styles and shapes of beards to find the one that you like the most and feel most comfortable with.

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