Get A Beard Like Kratos: A How To Guide For Length And Color

When God of War was released all the way back in 2005, Kratos became a very popular character.

Not only for his heroics and outrageous combat moves, but also for his aesthetic look, especially his facial hair.

Kratos sports a full length masculine beard that has been his signature look across the franchise.

This bushy beard look is commonly compared to the beard styles that Vikings wore and is highly sought after.

If you’re interested in learning how to grow your beard to look like Kratos, then this is the right place for you.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into everything about Kratos’ beard including its color, length and how to achieve the look yourself at home.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

All About Kratos

Kratos is a very popular character and protagonist from the videogame God of War.

This game still is a huge success and is loved by many. The game is based on themes surrounding Greek mythology.

Within the game, Kratos is also known as the Ghost of Sparta.

He first appeared in the franchise back when the first game was released in 2005.

Since then, there have been many more additions to the franchise, seven in total.

Kratos is a very heroic character who embodies the very definition of power and strength.

He has a huge long and manly beard which is complimented by his overall statuesque features.

Even if you haven’t played God of War you are bound to have seen pictures of Kratos somewhere as he is a character who is talked about a lot by those who love video games.

If you do know Kratos, then you will be very familiar with his iconic beard.

What Is The Length Of Kratos’ Beard?

For those who have been aching to achieve the Kratos beard look, one question often arises – how long is Kratos’ beard?

Relying purely on game imagery, we can estimate that his beard is around 2 inches in length.

This lengthy beard has grabbed the attention of many beard lovers.

If you’re someone who is eager to learn how to grow your own Kratos beard then bear in mind that there will be times where it may look quite unruly due to its length.

Because of this, you will need to ensure that you maintain it properly in order to keep it neat and tidy.

This beard style may do for you what it does for Kratos. This beard style manages to make Kratos even manlier and more macho.

These traits are important to his character and so having this beard helps with the overall aesthetic impact of the character design.

Growing Your Own Kratos Beard

We are huge fans of Kratos’ beard and if you’re like us then you may be tempted to grow the beard for yourself.

The iconic look of Kratos is arguably what made the video game franchise so popular in the first place, so replicating the look may just work wonders for you too!

It is important to note that not all beard styles suit everyone exactly the same.

So, if you find that this style doesn’t work for you then it is perfectly fine to try another look.

As well as this, Kratos has a very unique physique that isn’t necessarily possible for an everyday man to achieve.

Clever character designers are great at creating characters with aesthetic features that compliment the character’s personality and physique.

This is something to bear in mind when growing this beard style.

But, if you’re determined to try it and you’re looking for something rugged and bold, then try the Kratos beard.

So, if you’re convinced to try this look, then let’s take a look at the steps to achieve it.

Growing And Cleaning Your Beard

Of course, to achieve the same look as Kratos, you will need to start by growing your beard hair.

Take note of how long you would like your beard to be.

If you’re looking at trying to replicate your beard length to be exactly the same as Kratos, then you’re going to need to spend quite a bit of time growing out your facial hair.

Everyone’s beard hair grows at different rates, but typically it takes up to four months to grow a full beard.

So, this will take some dedication. Once you have grown your beard to the desired length, you will need to clean it.

In fact, you will want to keep your beard clean and neat throughout the entire growing process.

To keep it as clean as possible, you should be washing your beard daily.

Similarly to how you take care of your teeth, you should also take care of your beard.

However, don’t worry about using beard shampoo daily, you will only need to shampoo your beard around once a week.

Other than that, simple clean water will do just fine.

On top of this, if you’re looking to keep your beard hair neat and supple, you should use beard oil or beard balm.

This will help to ensure there are no snags or tangles in your beard.

Having these oils and balms are essential for anyone who wants to grow and maintain a full length beard.

Ways to encourage healthy beard growth:

  1. Ensure that you are consuming healthy fats.
  2. Make sure to include avocados, fatty fish, and eggs in your diet. For faster beard growth then make sure to consume plenty of protein.
  3. Eat dried fruits, fish, and red and white meat.
  4. Use a beard comb, beard oil, and beard balms. You can find these at most cosmetic stores.

Lastly, we must reiterate that this process takes a lot of patience.

But, if you’re determined to get that Kratos look then it is definitely worth the wait.

Trimming Your Beard As Necessary

As you start to grow your beard hair you may start to notice how some of your hairs don’t grow evenly. This is natural.

So, if you’re looking to style your beard like Kratos, then you will need to keep your beard trimmed.

Invest in a decent beard comb and make sure to comb through your beard daily.

This will help to ensure that your hairs are growing in the right direction.

By combing your beard, you will be able to notice how long your hairs are.

Something to note is that your beard is better trimmed when dry.

Wet facial hair does not sit on the face the same way as dry beard hair does.

Shaping Your Beard

As you can see from the images, Kratos’ beard has a very particular shape. To achieve this shape, you will need to have a beard trimmer.

Kratos’ beard is longer on his chin than it is in other areas of his face. It also tapers in at the center so that it is longer and comes to a point.

If you’re looking to achieve this look then you will need to use the correct length guard on your beard trimmer to ensure that the sides of your beard are at the same length.

Once you have done this, using your beard trimmer you can work your way from the jawline to the center of the beard at an angle to create the pointed center.

It will take some practice to get this right, if you’re struggling make sure to go to a barber so that he can show you how to achieve the look at home.

What Is Kratos’ Beard Color?

Across the series we can see that the color of Kratos’ beard changes slightly. It seems to switch between black and dark brown.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the look yourself.

You could easily have this beard style on any hair color from white to ginger!

As long as you have the right tools and patience, it will grow and look as great as Kratos’ does.

Different Types Of Kratos Beard

Typically, Kratos’ beard is quite bold, rugged, and rustic. It is very bushy, thick, and long.

You may have also noticed that Kratos doesn’t have any hair.

If you’re someone who has been blessed with luscious locks, then you may be wondering how to pair this iconic beard with a suitable hairstyle.

Let’s look at some ideas now.

Kratos’ Beard With Hair Slicked Back

If you’re looking to add a dynamic contrast to your hairstyle and beard style, then this combo will work for you.

Simply grow out your Kratos beard using the steps above and then slick back your hair.

This adds a modern twist to your viking beard look.

Slicked back hairstyles add a certain charm and professionalism to any full length beard.

So, if you’ve got the hair for it, you should definitely try out this look.

Kratos’ Beard With A Ponytail

There are two ways to interpret this.

If you have long viking looking hair then you could tie it back into a ponytail to add a striking contrast between your hairstyle and your beard style.

However, if you don’t have long hair. Why not try growing your Kratos beard to be even longer and then tie the beard itself into a ponytail?

If you have a sharp jawline, then this is bound to give your overall appearance and added oomph!

Kratos’ Beard As A Bushy Look

If you’re a big fan of the messy and roguish look, then growing your beard to be big and bushy might just be for you.

Spend a good few months growing out your beard without trimming it or using the maintenance methods we looked at earlier.

This will allow the beard to be bushy and big.

You could also keep growing out your mustache so that they connect up with the sideburns.

This is great to add some style and class to your beard look. You could combine this look with the other looks from above.

Try the big bushy beard with a ponytail, man bun or even with slicked back hair.

What Does Kratos Look Like Without A Beard?

Something funny and difficult to imagine is Kratos without his signature beard.

This character has never really been portrayed without his iconic facial hair and so imagining him without is a very difficult task.

However, it is useful to know what he looks like without his beard, especially when it comes to considering his facial shape and features.

Understanding what he looks like without can help you to make some comparisons to your own face shape so you can better determine whether his beard will suit your face shape.

From this photo, we can see that Kratos has a square shaped face. He also has a very sharp jawline.

But, don’t worry if you don’t have a square shaped face or a sharp jawline because the beauty of this look is that you can shape the beard however you wish to.

This can include making that angle towards the chin a little sharper so that it creates the illusion of a sharp jaw.

There are no set rules for what shape your face should be to achieve certain looks, so don’t be afraid to try the look for yourself if you don’t have a square shaped face.

However, if you are worried that this look might not suit you, it is best to consult your barber so that they can discuss the best options with you.

On the other hand, you could just try the look anyway and if you don’t like it you can shave it and start again, or try another facial hair style.


The process of growing a Kratos beard may sound tedious.

But, if you have the motivation and determination to achieve this look fully, then it can make a huge difference to your appearance.

As well as this, you may even find a boost in your confidence and self esteem just like Kratos himself!

Make sure to follow our tips for growing and styling this beard in order to keep it looking rugged, neat, and healthy.

If you’re still struggling to achieve this look or don’t know how to trim it correctly, make sure to see your barber and ask him for tips, especially for maintaining the look at home.

We hope that this article has helped you decide whether you want to try the Kratos beard for yourself.

If you do, our how to guide will help you through the process with ease. Enjoy your new masculine makeover!

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