Conor McGregor Beard Style: Trim, Color, Length, Full Guide

Conor McGregor’s beard style is iconic, so it’s no wonder that people all over the world are looking for advice on how to recreate his style. He has created a very specific look, which is simple to replicate.

Conor McGregor Beard Style: Trim, Color, Length, Full Guide

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on your first beard, or you’re looking for a new style for your already existing facial hair, look no further!

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Conor McGregor’s beard style, leaving you in the best position to recreate it! 

Who Is Conor McGregor? 

Conor McGregor is a professional martial artist. He is also a boxer and he has previously been in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as both a lightweight champion and a featherweight champion.

He is Irish born and is 33 years of age, born in 1988. He is in a long term relationship with Dee Devlin and has since had 2 children. 

He is an extremely successful UFC champion and boxer. He has also been in films. With all those achievements under his belt, it’s no wonder everyone envies him and his style! 

What Beard Does Conor McGregor Sport? 

Beards in general are making a big comeback and, specifically, beards like Conor’s are being recreated all over the world. His beard is very iconic and is a big statement.

His beard has a very rugged look on the surface, but, when you study it closer, it is actually very well maintained and pruned. Conor’s beard adds to his masculine demeanor and gives him an edge in terms of style.

His beard is a great mix between rugged and well groomed which, in my opinion, is the best balance to strive for when growing a beard. 

Conor’s Beard Length 

In order to achieve this look, Conor grows out a long, full and thick beard, but he ensures that he maintains the neckline and the cheeks to keep it looking well groomed. He keeps the beard trimmed to about 20cm. 

Many people think that this beard doesn’t require much maintenance.

While this is true, and it doesn’t need as much attention as some beards, it is important to understand that it does require some maintenance, especially if you want it to look as groomed as Conor McGregor’s.

Conor’s Beard Color

Conor has gingery brown facial hair. This is quite a common beard color, as, if you have a gene for brown and a gene for red hair, you will often have a ginger beard.

If you want to recreate this beard color, a light brown dye should do the trick!

You can either go to a hairdresser to get it professionally dyed – which is probably the safer option – or you can pick up some dye from a local pharmacy and do it yourself at home!

How To Recreate Conor McGregor’s Beard?

How To Recreate Conor McGregor’s Beard?

So, there are a few easy steps to recreating Conor McGregor’s beard. Read on to find out how to go about it:

Grow Out Your Facial Hair 

This is quite a difficult stage, as it will, at times, look very unkempt. You should try and grow it out for up to two months, with no trimming whatsoever. 

This is an important stage as it allows time for the beard to grow evenly, filling in any patches that might be slower growing than the rest of the beard. It also gives your hair time to get to the length that you want it. 

Shape Your Neckline

When you have allowed your beard to grow, and you are confident that it is adequately grown in all areas, you can start to trim. You will need to shape your neckline first. Do this using a beard trimmer.

Make sure not to overtrim if you want to achieve the look of Conor’s beard. Just tidy up the edges of the neckline. 

Trim The Hair On Your Cheeks 

For the sharp contrast between the beard and the cheek lines, simply trim your cheek hair to create sharper cheek lines.

You may not get hair too far up your cheeks, but you can still define the lines where your hairline meets your cheek.


  • During stage 1 of the process, ensure you are using a good beard oil that works well with your skin. This is to help protect and look after the skin underneath your beard.
  • Sporting a long beard might seem as if it would be easy to maintain, however, it is a lot more challenging than growing a short one. Longer beards are much more prone to causing skin irritation, split ends and many more problems. To limit these problems as much as possible, ensure you are washing your beard regularly. When you wash your beard, use specific facial hair products so as not to further irritate the skin. You should also brush your beard regularly and always apply the beard oil as mentioned above. 

What Factors Affect Beard Growth? 

While Conor McGregor makes growing a fantastic, thick and luscious beard look easy, this is not always the case. For some, growing a beard is actually quite a challenge. This is due to many factors including: 


The thickness of your beard greatly depends on genetics. It is believed that 80-90% of beard growth is genetic. If your Dad struggles to grow a beard, often you will too.

Annoying, I know, but we will address some tips to help with beard growth later on.  

Amount Of Testosterone 

Lower levels of testosterone can also cause facial hair to grow slower than those with high levels. 


Many men don’t have the option for a full beard such as Conor’s until they get a bit older. Men see an increase in facial hair over their teens and 20s, with many men only really experiencing full coverage at the age of 30. This often varies from person to person. 


Your ethnicity also has an effect on your facial hair. For instance, those from Mediterranean countries find it much easier to grow thick facial hair than people from elsewhere.

Ways To Encourage Beard Growth 

There are many things you can do to aid your beard growth and help to grow a thicker beard. Follow these tips to get you on your way to a successful Conor McGregor beard:

Diet And Lifestyle 

Having a healthy body encourages hair growth, and so having a good diet and exercising regularly will really help you to grow a thicker beard.

Get 30 minutes of exercise everyday and make sure that you’re eating the right things. Also ensure that you are drinking enough water. How you treat your body has large effects on things like hair growth!

 Use Good Products 

Using beard oil is essential for many reasons. It encourages facial hair growth, as well as keeping your existing facial hair nice and healthy to prevent the hair breaking when it grows longer.

There are many great beard oils on the market so get the one that best suits you! 

You should also wash your beard often, but you should never use regular shampoo. This shampoo contains much harsher chemicals which can dry out and damage your beard hair.

The hair on your head is much sturdier than facial hair so treat it well! 

Take Vitamin Supplements

There are some vitamin supplements that encourage beard growth. These include:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin

Tips For Maintaining A Beard 

Tips For Maintaining A Beard 
  1. Patience is a virtue. It may take some people longer to grow out their beard than others. Don’t fret, just be patient and you will see some progress.
  2. Make sure you don’t neglect your beard! It can very quickly go from looking well maintained and masculine, to a caveman style beard. Keep it trimmed and keep applying that beard oil! Get yourself a beard comb for essential brushing. 
  3. Remember that beards aren’t for everyone and if you don’t think it suits your face shape, don’t be afraid to return to the clean shaven look. The same works the other way around, you may not think Conor McGregor’s beard would suit you, but you may be pleasantly surprised! 
  4. Make your beard look as healthy as possible by keeping it trimmed around the edges. Ensure you are putting the correct length guard on your trimmer so as not to over trim!

Tips For Maintaining Conor McGregor’s Beard Style 

This specific beard style is not too difficult to maintain. You should simply:

  • Trim your neckline at least twice a week to ensure it doesn’t get too unkempt. 
  • Wash your beard at least three times a week. 
  • Make sure you’re using good quality beard oil! 
  • Comb your facial hair every day! This will train it to go in the right direction. 
  • Trim the main body of the beard once every few weeks so that it doesn’t grow too much and it stays nice and healthy.

What You Will Need

You don’t need many tools to start growing your Conor McGregor beard. All you will need is: 

  • A beard trimmer 
  • A beard comb 
  • Beard oil 
  • Facial hair shampoo 

Conor’s Hairstyles 

If you’ve recreated Conor McGregor’s beard successfully, you might also be interested in pairing it with a popular Conor hairstyle. Below are a few examples of Conor’s hairstyles:

The Buzzcut 

This pairs really well with the thick beard. It makes him look clean, whilst also sporting a rugged beard. 

Well Kept Slick Haircut 

Conor sometimes wears his hair in a side-parting with his hair kept well cut. This haircut paired with his usual beard gives him a softer side while maintaining his manliness. 

Long Hair 

Conor has been seen to wear his hair in a longer style, with his hair pushed back off his face. It looks great and is a really good pairing with his beard style. It highlights his good features.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s about all there is to know about Conor McGregor’s beard. We’ve covered what it’s like, how to recreate it and how to maintain it! It is a fantastic style to go for, and it is not a very common style making you stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re ready to start growing your Conor McGregor beard, you have all the knowledge you need. What are you waiting for? 

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