How To Taper A Beard

How To Taper A Beard

Being aware of how to taper and fade a beard is essential for any man with a beard. Especially if that man has a skin fade or shaved head. The main aim is to create an effortless flow from hair to beard, incorporating the side burns and inherently avoiding any large gap in between the … Read more

Beard Neckline Too High? Fix It Now


If you are not aware, the neckline is the region where your neck meets the underside of your face and can be located under your chin towards your throat. It is also the time at which the majority of beards should cease growing and give way to a shaved throat and neck. It can be … Read more

Remove The Beard Wave


Have you ever got all dressed up in your finest attire, even lint rolled your trousers and plucked the stray eyebrows, you’re looking in your full length mirror, checking out every inch of your wonderful self, and then you realise: your beard is completely untamed. Now, beard waves may seem like a small problem, but … Read more