Best Beard Straightening Brush – Tips For Great Results

A beard straightening brush, is pretty much what it says on the tin which is a tool for smoothing and straightening your beard.

It resembles a little brush rather than the two-plated flat iron that is traditionally used for straightening the hair on your head.

Best Beard Straightening Brush - Tips For Great Results

The bristles are heated that can be easily combed into your beard, giving it a smooth, straight appearance.

We will talk about some of the best beard straighteners that you can get on the market today which will cover all that you need.

Types Of Beard Straighteners

It can be either a heated brush or a hair-drying brush.

Hair-drying brushes are essentially conventional hairdryers but in the form of brushes, producing hot air that is then blasted out via the bristles.

Straighteners of this type are typically circular, but flat paddle brushes are also available.

On the other hand, heated brushes heat the brush via an internal heating mechanism.

As well as this, beard straighteners are categorized by the following:


Both negative and positive ions are naturally present in beards.

However, they are frequently depleted of negative ions as a result of regular activities such as cleaning your beard since water includes positive ions, rapidly drying your beard with a towel, or using a plastic comb to go through your beard.

Positive ions cause beard hair strands to reject one other, resulting in irritating frizz and static.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared

Ceramic, porcelain, and infrared are the terms given to the heating technology and material that is used in some beard straighteners.


These beard straighteners are similar to the ionic ones other than the fact that they produce more negative ions to make the straightening process faster.

How To Use A Beard Straightening Brush

It is important to know how to use a beard straightening brush properly as this will ensure that you get the best possible results.

Clean Your Beard

Before using a beard-straightening brush, rinse and wash your beard to remove any dirt, excess oils, and food particles.

Normal body wash or soap bars will do the job because many of them are cleaning and hydrating, but a beard shampoo is preferable.

Many ordinary soaps can be drying to beards by eliminating too much natural oil.

Rinse your beard with water after lathering it with your favorite beard cleansing product.

Avoid rapidly dragging a towel across your face when drying your beard, as this may result in tangled and frizzy hair.

Use Heat Protectant

Before putting hot tools on your hair, always use a heat protectant.

It’s a necessary step to prevent your beard straightener from hurting your hair.

Utilize one that can protect against the temperature you want to use. The product you’re using should state how much heat it can withstand.

Comb Your Beard

Detangle your beard with a beard comb or brush to ensure there are no knots or tangles.

This will also assist to disperse the heat protectant evenly.

Go In With The Beard Straightener

Allow your beard straightening brush to heat up for a few minutes. Then, as if you were brushing your hair, slowly move the brush into your beard.

Begin at the top of your beard and work your way down in little parts to the finish.

Continue to comb your beard straightener through it until it’s smooth and straight.

Apply Product

To help maintain the style throughout the day, there is a wide range of products that you can use such as creams, waxes, balms, and oils that are all catered toward keeping your beard neat and healthy.

Best Beard Straightening Brushes

Aberlite Beard Straightener

Aberlite’s small beard straightener is lightweight, portable, and simple to use, yet it packs a powerful punch.

It has five different heat settings, takes only one minute to heat up, and has an LCD display that informs you precisely what temperature it’s at, so you won’t have to block off an hour in your schedule just to straighten your beard.


  • Easy to use – it has a simple design and clear instructions.
  • Quick – takes no longer than a minute to heat up


  • Not good for short beards – you should look elsewhere if you have a short beard.

Also available at Aberlite.

Andis High Heat Press Comb

This beard straightener includes 20 different heat settings that work for all hair types, a large temperature range, and only takes 10 seconds to reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit because it is intended to straighten both beards and ordinary hair.

Fortunately, it also includes some clever safety measures, such as an auto-off option for added piece of mind.

It’s ideal for people with a long beard or curly hair that’s obstinate and difficult to straighten, but it may not be the greatest solution for short beards because to the heat.


  • Heats up quickly – it only takes 30 seconds to heat up and be ready to use.
  • Affordable – it is very budget-friendly and has good quality for money.


  • Beard can get stuck – those with very curly beards may experience the hairs getting caught in the comb.
Andis 38300 Professional 450 F High Heat Ceramic Press Comb with Dual Voltage and Auto Shut-off, Gold, 1 Count
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Beardclass Premium Beard Straightener Comb

This Beardclass beard straightening brush is without a doubt a highly reviewed beard straightener, and it’s popular since it’s designed particularly for beard hair.

Some beard straighteners may be used as a straightener for ordinary hair, this one produces the finest results for beards since it is particularly intended for facial hair.

It’s ideal for making a curly beard seem straight and well-groomed, making it simpler to apply nourishing items like beard wax, beard oil, and beard balm.


  • Five Heat settings – the temperature settings make it compatible with a lot of beard hair types.
  • Easy to use – you don’t really need to read the instructions as it is very straightforward to use.


  • Not great for long beards – this tool tends to work best with short beards.

Also available at Beard Class.

Kuschelbär Heated Beard Straightener

This Kuschelbär model features a 3D heating plate intended to straighten short hair and works all the way down to a half-inch beard length.

It is also quite lightweight and small, making it ideal for traveling.

It includes three adjustable heat settings and a cable that will not become tangled as you use it.


  • High quality – the feel of this product is great and is good value for money.
  • Two-year warranty – this is one of the best warranties you can get on a beard straightener brush.


  • Not good for short beards – the bristles are too long for most short beards.

Also available at mascbyjeffchastain.

CNXUS Electric Hair & Beard Straightener

The bristles on this product are curved in such a way that it accommodates the shape of the chin which makes it much smoother to use as well as decreases the likelihood of burning.

There are five heat settings that range from 300 degrees and 450 degrees.

So no matter the thickness or length of your beard, you will benefit from this beard straightener.

Another great thing about this product is that it works very well with the hair on your head as well.


  • Curved Design – the natural shape of the chin is accommodated so that it is easier to use.
  • Ion technology – this technology prevents frizz and static.


  • Long bristles – some may find that the bristles on this brush are too long for short beards.

What To Look For In A Beard Straightening Brush


You should think about the budget that you have set aside for this product because you want a good balance of getting a high-quality beard straightening brush without spending too much money.


Those with shorter facial hair must brush it quickly and apply oil in the morning. Shorter facial hair is very easy to maintain.

Those with lengthy beards must devote more time and care to their facial hair.

There are several heating instruments on the market nowadays, with the most perfect being the new brushes, which need minimum effort and provide lasting effects after just one application.


Another thing to consider is if you want a natural remedy or are content with a chemical solution.

Some items utilize more chemicals than others, and you should consider this before making a purchase.

Beard Length

One of the most crucial considerations before purchasing a suitable product is the size of your beard.

Some men’s grooming products require a minimum of medium hair length in order to be used.

Some devices require a certain volume of beard hair to be readily grabbed for heat, whilst shorter facial hair may be handled with just a brush or beard straightener brush comb.

People with shorter hair can style them using quality oils to keep them in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Beard Hair Straightener On Your Head Hair?

While a flat iron may be used to straighten your beard, it is not suggested because the strong heat might damage and break your hair.

Not only that, but you may also burn your face. For these reasons, a beard straightening brush is best.

Do Beard Hair Straighteners Damage Cause Damage?

It is safe to use a beard straightener as long as you use a heat setting that is not too high.

Professionals agree that 385 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for using on hair.

Start with a lower heat setting before experimenting with higher temps.

Heat, after all, can be detrimental to your hair.


Beard care products can only go so far if your beard is too stubborn to stay nice and neat.

This is where the beard straightener comes in as this can help you achieve the style that you have always wanted.

Knowing the right way to use it is also very important because if you go in blind, you are at risk of burning your hair or your skin.

You must also think about what kind of beard you have regarding its length and texture as some beard straighteners have bristles that are too long.

There are a lot of options out there for what beard straightener you should get but now that you have looked through this list, you will hopefully have a much better idea of what you are looking for!

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