About Us

Facial hair can be incredibly important to some people, boosting their confidence and giving them the opportunity to take pride in their appearance. I want to help any person looking to boost their self-assurance through the management of their facial hair.

Hello, my name is Andy Tatum and I have been grooming my facial hair for just over five years now. It has become one of my favorite times of the day and allows me to practice self care in a way that suits me best.

During my early 20s, I really struggled with my appearance and lack of confidence. I had acne as a teen and that had left me with lots of scars all over my face, as well as pigmentation too. I had gotten so embarrassed that I didn’t want to leave my house, socialize, or even work to further my career.

After almost an entire year of isolating myself from the outside world, I decided that enough was enough. But as I stood in the mirror, about to shave my unruly beard off, I considered the alternative of maintaining it. After all, it was covering most of my scars! 

That night I got to researching and bought myself some beard care products – and I’ve never looked back. I started leaving the house, I reconnected with my friends, and I even landed a great job.

During my journey, I have tested lots of different products and methods. I feel confident now to share these with others who may be struggling, in a bid to help another bounce back from a low point in their life. 

If you are thinking about growing a beard and looking after it correctly, then I hope my website can give you the guidance you need to make the leap. I did, and I feel a million times better for it.