18 Best Black Men Goatee Beard Styles To Check Out

We often think about facial hair as being a way to show off some personality and add a bit of flare to your face – and goatees are among some of the most popular facial hair styles out there.

This popularity is increasing when it comes to African American males and it’s easy to see why.

18 Best Black Men Goatee Beard Styles To Check Out

There are many famous African Americans on TV, in music and other popular culture that utilize a type of goatee beard.

We’ve decided to choose our favorite 18 styles for the African American male – so, if you’re considering a new look for your face, see the options in our guide below!

What Is A Goatee Beard?

For the uninitiated, the goatee beard is a kind of facial hair style that usually covers the lips and goes downwards and around the mouth, basically “circling” the face.

It was once a sign of royalty, but over time it became a very popular style among all kinds of people – notably bikers and high profile actors (Samuel L Jackson for example!).

It’s quite a simple choice for facial hair, but there are many takes from the classic. We’re going to examine 18 of them!

The Classic

The Classic

As we said, there’s many takes on this look, but let’s kick off with the classic.

The classic goatee beard has become very popular with black men, and it seems to fit on almost anybody.

There’s no real rhyme or reason for why, it just… works!

Could have something to do with the jawline, maybe it’s just the added bit of personality – but whatever the case, it works for us!

The Anchor Goatee

The Anchor Goatee

This is one of the most common when it comes to variations of the goatee.

Easy way to explain its differences is that the mustache is not quite as thick and the beard on the chin is far more rounded.

Despite being slightly shorter than most goatees, the hair is still visible.

The Stubble Goatee

The Stubble Goatee

This is the ideal facial hair choice for people who want a little bit of facial hair with a hint of personality, but do not want to overdo it in terms of upkeep.

It’s a favorite among males who aren’t fans of the clean shave, but also don’t want too much hair on their face!

The Van Dyke Goatee

This has to be one of the most famous types of goatee.

Famous from the 17th century, it has evolved to be one of the most popular in the modern era.

With a much thicker look than some others, if you’re looking for a regal look, why not try this one out!

The Soul Patch Goatee

While it is perhaps debated whether this is a beard or not, it certainly highlights someone’s flare, awe and personality.

Very minimalist, it simply gives facial hair underneath the lip without going too far south.

There’s many ways to change the soul patch goatee look.

You could have it small or large and even incorporate additional patterns around it!

The Extended Goatee

This type of goatee effectively continues around the face.

Along with the classic style, more facial hair is shown going up the jawline – normally connecting to sideburns.

The Mustacheless Goatee

A goatee without a mustache works very well.

Some people aren’t fans of having their top lip covered in hair as it can sometimes get annoying with food and drink.

This style allows the best of both worlds. No lip trouble – no problem! But still enough there to show off your brand… you!

The Soul Patch And Mustache

Some people decide to take the soul patch and add their own take on it, whether that is shape or style.

This way gives you the soul patch but also connection to the mustache. Classy look among black men!

The Circular Beard

This is normally a shorter version of the classic and much more circular. Sometimes, you may see the mustache more thinned out.

The Beard/Goatee Connection

This style highlights the thickness of the goatee, providing it the “mainstage” on your face but the beard is still prevalent.

Perfect for people who absolutely love a full beard, but want to have a different spin to it.

The Patches Goatee

Some people have a patchy beard, and that’s okay! You can still have a style with it.

All you gotta do is incorporate the patchy beard with a patchy goatee and it really works.

The Long Goatee

The long goatee does exactly what you’d expect. This style is simply a long goatee growing downwards.

Depending on how long you grow it, you can decide to braid it or add another style.

Goatee And Stubble

A classic look for the black male who wants to look rock and roll!

A goatee that is a little longer and slightly unkempt with lots of stubble growing around it. Easy to do – just let it happen!

The Goatee With Long Sideburns

Okay so imagine you have the classic goatee look – now simply add your sideburns, growing long down to the goatee.

There you have it! A simple look that adds that extra coolness to your look.

A Gray Goatee

Who says you can’t be mature and have a goatee?

Sometimes that little more color gives your face the look of a black man that is both experienced and wise.

Doesn’t have to be gray though – look at the next one!

A White Goatee

Some people think that a white goatee can’t be pulled off – but we totally disagree.

White goatees can look amazing, but not every guy can rock this look.

However, don’t be afraid to try it out! If you’ve got the right facial hair, you might be able to make a cool look out of it.

The Black And White Goatee

Also sometimes referred to as the salt and pepper look, it sits in between black and white and for some people, it looks pretty cool.

Because of the color, it mixes in maturity and coolness – which we think is pretty awesome!

The Fade

Ever thought about mixing up the faded look of facial hair along with the warmth it provides during winter?

You’ve got yourself a really good mix!

The fade is a way to look amazing but also comfortable in all settings – what more could you ask for?

What Famous Black Guys Have Goatees?

There have and are many black men that rock the goatee look. You’ve probably got someone in mind, but are they on this list?

Will Smith

Perhaps not exactly thought of for his beard right now, but Will Smith undoubtedly works his goatee to perfection.

It’s a minimalist goatee, possibly best described as the classic goatee look.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Doggy Dogg is not only a talented musician, but also a facial hair aficionado.

It’s unlikely that you’ll remember Snoop without his signature look now, but his goatee, often with sideburns, is one of the most iconic looks in pop culture.

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson has been in a number of roles and has worn a variety of different hair styles and facial hair styles – but perhaps one of the most well known is his goatee.

He has the iconic classic goatee but it’s white – one of the lucky guys that can make it look good!

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is another man that has gone through a multitude of different goatee styles.

Whether that be the patchy look from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the long goatee look from Django Unchained – he seems to be able to pull them all off!

Idris Elba

If you ask someone to name a famous black man that has a goatee, Idris Elba will certainly be among the first names you think of.

His goatee is now a part of his overall look – we can’t think of him without the goatee!

Kanye West

Perhaps one of the most famous African American men on the planet – Kanye West has long had the classic goatee look and he exemplifies black men and goatees.

It’s unclear how long he’s used this look, but there’s a reason he’s had it for as long as he had – it looks good!

Morgan Freeman

Despite his hundreds of roles that he has undertaken over the years, if you think of Morgan Freeman – you’re likely thinking white beard… right?

This is because it is part of his personality – it’s part of his look!

Morgan Freeman wears the white goatee, sometimes with sideburns and sometimes as part of a larger beard.

Whichever he chooses, Morgan Freeman always makes it look cool, and we couldn’t be happier for the velvet-voiced genius!


Ludacris is one of the most well known in the world of music, but he might not spring to mind if you think of facial hair.

His look is minimal but effective and certainly unique.

It’s best described as tribal patches which completely changes his look from being bland to trendy.


Speaking of well known black artists with iconic facial hair – you can’t overlook Usher!

His goatee is much thicker than some others on this list and it gives him a much more mature look than when he’s clean shaven.

Don Cheadle

You probably don’t think of Don Cheadle when you think of facial hair – but when he’s worked the goatee, he works it well.

Normally, he has a white or gray goatee that is cut short. A man with a lot of talent – his goatee choices are as important as this!

Shemar Moore

The Criminal Minds actor is often seen with his dark black goatee.

It often covers most of his chin and travels a little further towards the jawline.

When it comes to goatees – this is one of the best ways to wear it.

Bob Marley

You can’t have a list of famous black men with facial hair and not include Bob Marley.

Although the music legend is no longer with us, the memories of his style and class still remain.

He often changed his look and one of our favorites is the goatee to chinstrap look.

Long and thick facial hair joining all up to the top of his face that slickly joined to his iconic hair, we can’t think of anyone better to represent this look.

Why Choose A Goatee

Facial hair in general is a way of letting some of your personality shine.

It’s something you can control and own when it comes to your look – and when it works well, it works really well!

Don’t get us wrong though, some people are able to pull off the clean shaven look almost better than if they have facial hair – but those that can totally own a facial hair look will become synonymous with it.

Take Idris Elba for example. If you’re thinking of the classic goatee look when it comes to famous black men – you can’t not have Idris Elba in mind!

We may think of some of his most popular acting roles, or we may think of his signature suits, along with his goatee.

The point is, having a goatee can add a little more character to your look.

If you’re not sure about whether a goatee is for you, the best thing to do is to trial out different looks and different styles.

Ask your partner or friends if they think it works for you – and always remember, if you like it – that’s all that really matters!

The Bottom Line

Goatee beards are one of the best choices you can make when it comes to choosing facial hair styles.

As a black man – the goatee has already been shown to work with some of these huge stars in the list above – so why wouldn’t it work for you?

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