12 Legendary Rappers With Stylish Beards

There are plenty of rappers who have adopted various beard styles over the years as part of their signature look. Some of these rappers include Childish Gambino, Questlove, Drake, Rick Ross, Joe Budden, and Common. 

Rappers are among some of the most well groomed celebrities out there.

From their trendy fashion choices to the way they style the hair on their heads, they really pride themselves on being stylish and up to date with the latest trends and this translates into the way that they style their facial hair too. 

12 Legendary Rappers With Stylish Beards

As they are constantly in the spotlight, having their facial hair look clean and stylish is incredibly important.

You can probably think of some fantastically styled facial hair styles on your favorite rappers off the top of your head. Why not see if any of your favorites have made this list? 

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most iconic facial hair styles from influential rappers.

We have concisely put together a handy list of 12 rappers from all walks of life who show off their stylish, clean and trendy beards. Let’s get into it and take a closer look. 


Questlove is the famous drummer for The Roots. He sports one of the baddest beards around and is sometimes seen to have grown it very long. Other members of the band also don their own bearded looks including Black Thought. 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a popular American rapper as well as a record executive. He is also the owner and wearer of arguably the most stylish and sleek beards out there.

Because of this, he has gained a lot of success creating his own brand of beard styling and grooming products called RICH. 

Action Bronson

Action Bronson is known for his album Mr. Wonderful as well as his appearance in his show on Vice. Across his career he has always loved donning his incredible bushy beard look.

Action Bronson is most notably seen with his massive beard that grows to over six inches long. This, paired with his shaved head, is a very iconic look. 

Childish Gambino 

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, has sported various lengths of facial hair over the course of his career. As he’s gotten older, he has let his natural shades show with his fabulous salt and pepper hair color.

In fact, this isn’t the only time he’s colored his beard. In 2019 he sported a bleached beard to give his look a serious edge.

He is always impressing his fans with his great facial hair as well as his unique impressive fashion choices. 


This rapper from New York is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Raekwon keeps his beard short and shaped perfectly.

Aesthetically, this is a pretty professional look and it has been well maintained over the years, rarely varying in length. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most influential rappers of his time and he has never disappointed with his facial hair. His iconic beard has varied in length over the years, but his overall shape and style has remained consistent.

He is always seen rocking his unique goatee style, oftentimes longer than others. 

Method Man

Method Man started his career as an MC and even back then had fantastic looking facial hair. It is perfectly groomed and shaped geometrically. He definitely puts in a lot of work to maintain this look.

Method Mad is always seen sporting his iconic goatee style beard. 


Drake is arguably one of the most popular rappers of the 21st century. He has had many hits including “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance”. With all of this, Drake has always managed to keep his iconic facial hair.

His look is polished and smooth and trimmed to perfection. 


The rapper from Philadelphia has always sported a big bushy beard. Even when he had his personal medical troubles, Freeway has always looked after his appearance, including his fantastic beard.

His beard has been part of his iconic look even since he teamed up with Jay-Z and founded Roc-A-Fella Records. 

Flo Rida

Flo Rida knows how to wear his facial hair. He doesn’t just grow his beard, he meticulously grooms and shapes it to give it that sharp unique edge. Over the years, he has always adopted a cutting edge individual beard style. 

Post Malone 

Post Malone quickly rose to fame not too long ago with hits like “Wow” and “White Iverson.” He has only gotten more famous over the years. However, regardless of his rising popularity, his look has basically stayed the same. 

This famous white rapper likes to style his beard with sideburns. He uniquely separates his mustache from his beard and makes patchy beards look great! 

Black Thought 

Black Thought of The Roots fame, has a big bushy beard that he has grown long. He keeps it precise, clean, and well polished. He has kept his famous look for many years even since teaming up with Questlove to form The Roots.

He keeps his beard very long and recently has embraced his natural grays adding a salt and pepper look. 


This list could have easily been much longer as rappers over the years have shown us many trendy and iconic looks with their facial hair. From dark skinned, to light skinned rappers, there has been a look for everybody.

Some of them are more unique than others, but all of them bring their own spice to their beardy looks. 

If you’re intrigued by any of these looks, why not try them out for yourself? If you can’t do it at home then consult with your barber to see which looks might suit you best. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of 12 iconic rappers who have stylish and trendy facial hair styles.

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